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Streamside Fly Shop

Streamside Fly Shop

Streamside Fly Shop is proud to offer hand tied flies by us. We take pride in our own designs and also the many time honored patterns of yesteryear and some of the new style streamers that are the rage of fly fishing. Also you can be assured that when you buy from Streamside fly shop your flies will last. Come check out the many patterns we tie that are unique to the Adirondack region and the north east.

Hudson Wullf - Light Dun

Our number one original dry fly.

Icelandic wool minnow - Olive

Streamside original baitfish streamer.

Isonychia wet fly

An old favorite the Isonychia wet fly.

Mop Fly - Green inch worm

Streamside original green inch worm.

Mop Fly - Orange worm

Streamside original Mop fly.


Long time favorite streamer.

Rainbow Smelt Streamer

Streamside original smelt streamer.

Rusty Spinner - Brown

A classic but very effective spent spinner fly

Super Buggar - Brown

Tied in the Cathy Beck style.

Super Buggar - Olive

A streamside copy of Cathy Beck's supper buggar.

Supper Buggar - Black/Olive

Tied in the Cathy Beck style.
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