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Items starting with B

Baitfish Head Deciever - Rainbow

Classic great lake style streamer.

Baitfish head streamer - Tan

Great lake style streamer.

Bass Popper - yellow

Another Original popper for bass.

Bead head Zebra nymph - olive

Streamside version of a classic nymph.

Bead head Little Black Stone fly

Great early season stone fly.

Bead head Olive Estaz Nymph

Streamside original beadhead nymph.

Bead Head Wooley Buggar - Brown

Great and long time favorite.

Bead head Wooley Buggar - Purple

Standard purple Wooley Buggar.

Bead head Wooly Buggar - Olive

Long time favorite in an olive color.

Black Ant

Important pattern when terrestrials come out.

Blood Midge - Dry

Streamside original Blood midge.

Blue Smelt streamer

Streamside original smelt streamer.